Links for 6-12-2013

  • George Neumayr describes how Obama and his administration are handling their multitude of scandals: “This administration likes to shift attention from a present abuse of freedom by pointing to a greater abuse of freedom it hasn’t committed yet. Americans are supposed to be grateful that Obama’s NSA is only tracing their calls, not listening to them. Besides, said Obama, government is sure to handle this information with care. This line of obfuscation is reminiscent of Kathleen Sebelius defending the constitutionality of the HHS mandate on the grounds that, yes, we are forcing most religious employers to pay for contraceptives but we are not forcibly injecting anybody with them. What government hasn’t done to you yet becomes the new standard of freedom. And then when the next abuse happens the government pushes the standard back a little more. In a few years, the line will move to: yes, we are listening to your calls, but we are not recording them; yes, we are forcing you to pay for abortion but we are not requiring you undergo one.”

  • Sean Hannity called out Senator Marco Rubio for saying one thing about the “Gang of Eight” immigration reform bill while addressing a Spanish speaking (Univision) audience and saying the opposite while addressing an English speaking audience. Rubio responding by saying he should have been “more artful in the use of terms,” which sounds like Washington-speak for “I should have lied more skillfully so I wouldn’t get caught.”

  • President Obama threatened to veto the House of Representatives’ military appropriations bill, in part because it includes a provision that protects the religious speech of service members.

  • Ace of Spades wrote an interesting blog post describing how some details of Edward Snowden’s story are proving to be false, which raises the possibility that Snowden is playing us.

  • A 23 year State Department employee named Aurelia Fedenisn is seeking whistleblower protection after she provided documents to Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) showing that the State Department watered down a report describing how high ranking officials influenced and terminated investigations into criminal wrongdoing. Fedenisn retired in December 2012 and her family has been harassed by diplomatic security agents demanding the return of the documents.

  • The Obama administration buried an important increase in its “social cost of carbon” metric in newly issued regulations for microwave ovens. There was no opportunity for public comment.

  • Sarah Murnaghan underwent a successful double lung transplant from an adult donor.