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  • Mollie Hemingway wrote a summary of what happened during the Texas Senate’s SB5 debate entitled, “Clear eyes, full heart, can’t stop advocating for abortion.” I especially like the description of how “journalists” like Sarah Kliff (The Washington Post) and Erica Grieder (Texas Monthly) tweeted in support of State Senator Wendy Davis, who is a now a “hero” to ABC, NBC, and CBS and Yahoo News (among many others in the media). You have to love how Davis supporters claim that the screaming from the Senate gallery that interrupted and delayed the SB5 vote was “democracy,” when a University of Texas/Texas Tribune (both left-leaning organizations) poll showed that 62% of Texans support the provisions in SB5. This number is consistent with a national Gallup poll published last month. What happened last night was not democracy – it was mob rule. Governor Rick Perry called for another special legislative session to begin on July 1, and abortion legislation is first on his list. The last time Wendy Davis filibustered a bill (school finance in the 2011/2012 session), that bill was quickly approved in a follow-up special session. I expect that will happen again with SB5.

  • Thomas Crown describes how a week 20 abortion is performed, and adds this:

    An adult who did this to a cockroach would be considered too ill to be allowed to run free. (A child who did it would also be hospitalized.) To do it to a puppy would end with prison time.

    But if you do this, if this is your livelihood, if you will stand and talk in the Texas Legislature to make sure that baby can be torn apart waiting for one last moment of her mother’s voice, then Texas Monthly, the Washington Post, and every major news organization want to give you a medal.

    And we allow this. We encourage it. We reward it.

    We have reached a point as a country where seventy to eighty percent of us are horrified by this, and yet our media and governing classes (but I repeat myself) rush to preserve it, and we yawn.

  • As expected, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional, but the Court’s handling of the California Prop 8 case has the effect of rendering popular referendums all but useless. If a governor and attorney general refuse to enforce a law passed by referendum, the people who voted for it have no legal standing to challenge that, and hence have no recourse.

  • The Senate formally passed the Corker/Hoeven amendment to the “Gang of Eight” immigration reform bill. Marco Rubio attempted to mend fences with conservatives and Tea Partiers, but Sarah Palin had already suggested that Rubio be primaried. At least one group isn’t waiting for that, and is starting an effort to recall Rubio instead.

  • Deputy IRS Director Greg Roseman took the fifth during Congressional testimony today. He’s accused of steering $500 million worth of IT contracts to a company owned by a close friend.

  • Speaker of the House John Boehner reportedly told the House GOP that he won’t bring the Senate’s “Gang of Eight” immigration reform bill up for a vote.

  • The Commerce Department revised first quarter growth down to 1.8% from 2.6%, a number that was the product of a previous downward revision from 3.4%.

  • The Center for Immigration Studies re-cast the Obama campaign’s “Julia” slideshow to depict an illegal immigrant who applies for amnesty.

  • Almost exactly three years after Julia Gillard staged a party coup to replace Kevin Rudd as Australia’s prime minister, Rudd returned the favor.

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