Links for 2-18-2013

  • Sarah Hoyt has been a libertarian rant roll lately: “First let’s establish what taxes are: taxes are a way to collect money by force – if you don’t pay you go to jail – for purposes so important that they justify the theft… And here we come to where taxes are justified – in my opinion (no one died and made me G-d, this is JUST my opinion.) – taxes are justified when the goal to be obtained is so clearly and obviously not just good but necessary that it justifies shaking down a grandma for the dividends on her investments. As a further test, it is justified when even just one person not contributing can markedly affect your chances of obtaining your goal… So, let’s talk first of the Federal Government: what is it right and just for a government covering 350 million people in widely varying circumstances to take money at gunpoint to cover? Common defense is the only one I find particularly convincing Why? Because it’s d*mn hard to setup a subscription system to buy a nuclear bomber – though we might come to have to try that.”

  • J. Christian Adams debunks Obama’s claim that long waits to vote were common during the November election, a claim that Obama is using to press for more federal control over state elections.

  • Senator Mike Johanns (R-NE) won’t run for a second term.

  • Americans for Prosperity is considering getting involved in Republican primaries to challenge Republican incumbents who increase spending or taxes, which could result in clashes with Karl Rove’s Conservative Victory Project.

  • The president of Brevard Community College in Florida recommended that a tenured professor be fired for requiring her students to sign pledges that they would vote for Obama. It’s up to the school’s board of trustees to act on the recommendation.

  • A member of Colorado’s House of Representatives, Joe Salazar, provided Democrats with a Todd Akin moment. Somehow I doubt this case will receive as much media attention as Akin’s.