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  • The Associated Press published an article on how the Department of Justice is trying to stave off a possible Supreme Court ruling overturning Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act. The DOJ is pointing to the VRA’s “bailout provision” as proof that states and municipalities can eventually escape the VRA, and to help that argument along the DOJ has been granting bailouts at a significantly higher rate than in the past. One government agency – the DOJ – is responsible for granting both bailouts and preclearances, and the bar that states and municipalities must meet is still impossibly high – the burden is them to prove that not a single person has been adversely affected by a change in election rules or procedures. Even if you buy the argument that bailouts mitigate the otherwise unconstitutional aspects of Section 5, it’s still the political caprices of the DOJ that determine whether a state gets a bailout it arguably doesn’t deserve (New Hampshire) or get sued for passing a voter photo ID law (Texas), when such laws have been ruled constitutional by the Supreme Court.

  • A Miami-Dade grand jury has been investigating phony online requests for absentee ballots during a primary election last August.

  • There were a bunch of “Day of Resistance” rallies across the country on Saturday, but the Second Amendment video that has been getting the most attention lately is Dan Bongino’s short speech in Annapolis, Maryland last month.

  • Beretta is threatening to leave Maryland if the state legislature passes gun control legislation that would ban a new semiautomatic rifle the company is about to begin producing in Prince George’s County. In the 1990s Beretta moved its warehouse operation to Virginia after Maryland enacted new gun control laws, so this isn’t an idle threat.

  • J. Christian Adams writes that Republicans pushing for comprehensive immigration reform are fooling themselves if they think inserting “triggers” into the law that makes amnesty contingent on securing the border will make any difference because the Obama administration doesn’t enforce existing immigration law and can’t be expected to enforce any new immigration laws: “Requiring a secure border in legislation will mean nothing in the real world. The modern Democrat party views law as a nuisance, something to be worked around, ignored, or twisted in a fashion to match ideological ends. Republicans who don’t realize that haven’t been paying attention.”

  • Fox News published an article on the Obama administration’s stonewalling of an investigation into illegal technology transfers at NASA Ames.

  • J. Paul Masko wrote a good article for American Thinker describing how an increasingly large number of people will not even consider listening to non-liberal ideas: “Imagine trying to discuss the strengths of Judaism with members of the Hitler Youth, or the weaknesses of Mao’s Great Leap Forward with a cadre of the Red Guard: would your ideas be heard and rationally considered?… That’s about the level of it with much of the U.S. electorate: they’ve totally bought into the liberal stance – which these days includes refusing to hear or even consider ideas of the blacklisted opposition – and there’s no indication that they’ll be coming back to a more rational stance.”

  • Someone leaked a memo from a North Carolina 501(c)(3) group, BluePrint NC, describing how they’re planning to personally attack Republicans to weaken their ability to govern and thereby prevent the adoption of tax and education policies opposed by liberals. Not surprisingly, BluePrint NC is funded in part by George Soros via the Open Society Institute.

  • The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia ordered the NLRB to respond to a petition that the NLRB suspend action in a Rhode Island case because the same court ruled that two of the three NRLB members were appointed unconstitutionally. This is the first of what could be many such petitions since the NRLB has been operating without a quorum (according to the court decision) for over a year.

  • Afghanistan’s president Hamid Karzai ordered U.S. Special Forces troops out of Wardak province because Afghans working with them are allegedly torturing and abusing other Afghans.

  • Tibetan Lhamo Dhondup self-immolated at the Jhakhyung Monastery.

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