Links for 11-26-2012

  • Mark Levin concludes that we should let the Fiscal Cliff happen. With respect to the Fiscal Cliff negotiations, Senator Rand Paul says that Republicans are offering to raise taxes but the Democrats are offering no spending cuts; he thinks the result of the negotiations will be an “enormous, ugly bill” that will raise the debt ceiling by a couple of trillion dollars.

  • The creative math being applied in the Fiscal Cliff negotiations includes cutting spending by increasing spending on the farm bill by 58%. This “works” because the Congressional Budget Office’s projection for farm bill spending includes an enormous increase in food stamp spending, and the current draft farm bill knocks a few billion off that number to arrive at a “cut.”

  • Greg Mankiw pokes holes in Warren Buffet’s New York Times op-ed advocating that the rich pay more in taxes. Buffet structures his wealth and that of Berkshire Hathaway to avoid taxes, then he complains that he’s not paying enough in taxes. It’s past time to write a check to the Treasury and shut up.

  • Senator Harry Reid started his gambit to change the filibuster rules: “…the goal of Reid’s new policy would be to force Republicans to filibuster legislative votes, rather than merely scheduling. That, in turn, would enable Reid to avoid negotiations before bringing a bill to the floor for a vote, putting pressure on Senate Republicans to cave, and helping Reid avoid having to schedule Republican amendments for votes to take place.”

  • The U.S. Supreme Court revived Liberty University v. Geithner, which means it will hear another ObamaCare challenge, this time from the religious liberty angle.

  • Congressman Dana Rohrabacher wrote a nasty letter to the Prime Minister of the Tibetan Government-in-Exile, Lobsang Sangay, accusing him and other Tibetan leaders of working to get Jigme Ngapo fired as head of Radio Free Asia’s Tibetan service. Lobsang Sangay denied involvement. Meanwhile more Tibetans self-immolated, including a nun, Sangay Dolma and a 24 year old father of three, Gonpo Tsering. A student protest outside a Tibetan medical school was put down by force.