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  • The D.C. District Court refused to preclear Texas’ voter ID law, which means another trip to the Supreme Court and a challenge to Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act.

  • Judicial Watch and True the Vote sued Ohio for failing to maintain its voter rolls in accordance with Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act.

  • Sentences were handed down in the West Virginia voter fraud case. The former sheriff of Lincoln County, Jerry Bowman, will serve one year and one day in prison for stuffing primary ballot boxes while running for circuit clerk. Former county clerk Donald Whitten will serve 18 months.

  • Joel Kotkin wrote an interesting article on a real split in the electorate:

    Obama’s core middle-class support, and that of his party, comes from what might be best described as “the clerisy,” a 21st century version of France’s pre-revolution First Estate. This includes an ever-expanding class of minders – lawyers, teachers, university professors, the media and, most particularly, the relatively well paid legions of public sector workers – who inhabit Washington, academia, large non-profits and government centers across the country… Essentially, the clerisy has become a new, mass privileged class who live a safer, more secure life compared to those trapped in the harsher, less cosseted private economy… The GOP, for its part, now relies on another part of the middle class, what I would call the yeomanry… They tend to live in the suburbs, a geography much detested by many leaders of the clerisy and, likely, the president himself. Yeomen families tend to be concentrated in those parts of the country that have more children and are more apt to seek solutions to social problems through private efforts… Ultimately this division – clerisy and their clients versus yeomanry – will decide the election.

  • Poland is planning to build its own missile shield after Obama cancelled the Bush administration’s plans to install one.

  • About 125 Harvard undergrads are being investigated for cheating on the final exam for “Government 1310: Introduction to Congress.” This joke writes itself.

  • Paul Ryan’s nomination acceptance speech included a reference to twenty-somethings moving back into their childhood bedrooms due to the lousy job market and staring at faded Obama posters, wondering when their lives will begin. Crossroads Generation turned that image into a web ad:

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  • The Republican National Committee establishment and Mitt Romney’s people replaced a couple of Rules Committee members and made a few concessions on one of the new party rules, but otherwise got their way and avoided a floor fight, prompting this statement from FreedomWorks president Matt Kibbe: “I believe that the Republican party has made a huge mistake by effectively disenfranchising grassroots activists who want to be a part of the party process. If the party sincerely wants the support of citizens, shutting them out of the process is not the way to do it. Sooner rather than later the Republican establishment needs to come to terms with the decentralized nature of grassroots organization circa 2012. The terms of engagement can no longer be dictated from the top-down.” The RNC’s actions are an invitation to start organizing a third political party in time for the 2016 election.

  • Surprising no one, the D.C. District Court failed to approve Texas’ redistricting maps [PDF], which means the case will be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court. If Texas’ voter ID law is also rejected, you can expect a full-on challenge to Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act at the Supreme Court.

  • A federal judge ruled that Ohio must count provisional ballots cast in the wrong precinct during elections, which is an invitation to voter fraud.

  • Two more young Tibetans self-immolated in Ngaba province, near the Kirti Monastery.

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