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  • Matt Labash tried Google Glass:

    I slip them on, and it's about as bad as I expected. Not a good look for me, or possibly anyone. I look like a short-bus version of LeVar Burton’s character Geordi La Forge from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Except La Forge was blind, and he wore a prosthetic device to restore his sight. Whereas I just look like a pretentious tool with a child's toy strapped to my head. When I affix the slide-on shades, it might be even worse. They smack of goofy-dictator glasses, making me resemble a cut-rate Kim Jong-un.

  • The Congressional Research Service reported that the share of U.S. oil and gas production sourced from federal land decreased for the third year in a row last year.

  • The bill that would have enabled Senator Rand Paul to run simultaneously for re-election and for President in 2016 died when Kentucky's legislature adjourned for the year.

  • Rand Paul told Alex Jones in 2007 that a nuclear Iran is not a threat to the U.S. or Israel.

  • John Boehner told people at a Las Vegas fundraiser that the House of Representatives will pass an immigration bill in June or July, after the primary elections are over. Allahpundit makes an interesting point:

    The thinking here, per the [Wall Street] Journal, is that trying to pass something on immigration next year will be even harder than it is this year so they'd better suck it up and do it now. If Republicans take back the Senate, Chuck Grassley ends up in charge of the Judiciary Committee — and he's a much bigger obstacle to amnesty than Pat Leahy and Harry Reid are. In other words, the House GOP needs to make a deal with Senate Democrats now in the name of disempowering other Republicans.

  • Chicago's middle class is rapidly disappearing, which is fine with Democrat politicians because they aren't part of the new Democrat coalition:

    …for liberal mayors, middle-class decline is convenient and politically advantageous. Much of America's moneyed elite has already shifted its allegiance to the Left, especially in cities. Wealthy, educated urbanites hold generally liberal social values and can afford the higher taxes “blue” cities like Chicago impose—especially when those taxes help pay for the upscale amenities they desire. Even when the mayoral administration is less friendly, the urban elite tends to get its needs met. At the same time, the urban poor have remained loyal to the Democrats, no matter how little tangible improvement liberal policies make in their lives. And the various unions, community organizers, and activist groups that advocate for the poor profit handsomely from the moneys directed toward liberal antipoverty programs.

    This is the Democratic Party's new top-bottom coalition, one in which the traditional middle class—white ethnics, blue-collar manufacturing and trade workers, small business owners, and others—has no part.

  • In the past, presidential libraries have paid for by private contributions. Of course President Obama's library will be built with public money, $100 million of which is coming from Illinois, which can ill afford it. The total cost of Obama's library is projected to be $500 million.

  • Pamela Geller writes that when National Review Online publishes an attack against her, she asks for an opportunity to respond and is ignored. Geller thinks this is a symptom of NRO's unwillingness to fight for principles and values: “We need a moral and rational force to push back. We need a true 'New Right.' NRO had an opportunity to start building it. Instead, it has been snuffed out and stifled by cowards, trimmers, and RINOs. We need a fierce offensive under a banner of individual rights and morality. I believe that such an intellectual movement would seize the collective conscience of this country. But when that movement arises, it will be no thanks to NRO.”

  • Poland's defense minister, Tomasz Siemoniak, says U.S. ground troops will be deployed to his country.

  • U.S. Air Force General Philip Breedlove explained why he believes the pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine are Russian soldiers, instead of the local militias they claim to be.

  • Edward Snowden denies being a useful idiot to Vladimir Putin, and claims he asked Putin about mass surveillance because he wanted Putin's answer on the record so Russian journalists could investigate and prove that he lied. This seems unlikely since the lifespan of a Russian investigative journalist is very short.

  • Japan is deploying 100 soldiers and radar equipment to Yonaguni Island, its closest territory to mainland China (100 miles away) and near the disputed Senkaku Islands.

  • John Hayward runs down the story of a South Korean ferry filled with high school students that sank. Twenty-eight bodies have been recovered and 270 people are missing. The ferry's captain and two crew members have been arrested.

  • An avalanche on Mount Everest killed 13 Sherpas, five of whom were part of a NBC/Discovery Channel expedition supporting someone who planned to jump off the mountain while wearing a wingsuit.

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